Top 10 Restaurants in Chania

Chania restaurants are found almost anywhere: in the heart of Chania Town, at the old port, along with the beaches, even in small mountainous villages you will find a tavern at the square. There is no way you taste bad food in Chania and generally in all Crete. The island is famous for its amazing cuisine and all dishes are made using fresh local products.


You are sure to experience the famous Cretan tradition and warm hospitality in Chania restaurants. Do not hesitate to try some exceptional regional dishes, such as gamopilafo, syglino, tsigariasto or certainly the famous dakos salad. Also, kaltsounia is a unique delicacy served throughout Chania, in both salty and sweet version.


1.Pallas Restaurant


pallas chania


Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Chania Town, in a historical building, which once was home to Ali Pasha, Pallas stands out for its modern, distinctive style. Fresh, traditional Cretan products are the heart of Pallas cuisine and become the basis for creating dishes with a modern Mediterranean twist.


The interior boasts modern, quirky styles, that are characterized by bright areas with sofas and wooden tables. Whether you choose to sit inside, or you prefer the tables outside, overlooking the sea, electro, lounge, soul and funk music will accompany you.


2.Palazzo Al Mare Restaurant


palazzo al mare


A seafront restaurant with a magnificent view to the Venetian harbor of Chania. Palazzo Al Mare invites you to rediscover the very essence of fine dining in an era of fast living. All you need to do is relax, take a sip of your premium wine and indulge in a unique gastronomic journey.


At Palazzo Al Mare, we believe that a dish carefully prepared with raw ingredients of the highest quality ingredients, is able to elevate all the natural flavors and trigger the senses. Our main principles are based exactly on that, as we aim to offer you a holistic culinary experience in a romantic seafront location with a long history that dates back to the 18th century.


3.Periplous Fine Dinning



Periplous Seaside restaurant is a unique property set in an idyllic and quiet location just few minutes walk from the city center in the area of the old Tabakaria. It attempts to offer a superb quality of food that creates a gastronomic journey in Cretan cuisine with an ode to fish in combination with the uniqueness of the place where you can totally unwind.


The neighbourhood also holds a phenomenal place at the history of Crete. Just a block away from the property, in 1878 the “Treaty of Halepa” was signed between the Greeks ands the Turks which granted the autonomy of Crete where it is also located the house of Eleftherios Venizelos, the most famous prime minister that Greece had, the Greek Embassy, the old French Academy and the palace of Prince George.


4.Mones Fine Restaurant


mones restaurant


Mon.Es Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Chania, a separate entity in Venetian Harbor’s premises. Its objective is to take each visitor on a spectacular culinary journey, dappled with the most distinct flavors and immaculate aromas that traditional Cretan gastronomy can offer.


Cretan dining is distinctive and unique by default. Every plentiful and refined meal in our restaurant rejuvenates the senses, and evokes a sentiment of wholesomeness, while awaking memories of past times.


Our menu remains proudly loyal to the Cretan culture and history. With some dishes deriving from traditional Greek flavours and others embodying inspiration drawn from international cuisine, each and every recipe has its own story and aims to take you on a delicious voyage.


5.Salis Restaurant


salis restaurant


Located in Chania’s Harbor  next to the marina , Salis offers a modern twist on traditional cuisine, serving dishes from locally sourced ingredients.

In our restaurant we grow almost all our produce, giving the attention to the land the same way we would growing for our own house organic, seasonal & natural.


6.Gramvousa Tavern


gramvousa tavern



Located at kaliviani village in the east part of Crete close to falasarna area. Looking back on nearly 2 centuries ago, one will encounter the purest traditional cooking process. Processes that have been passed down to us from generation to generation. This is the value of the ultimate taste experience of the Cretan Tradition..


Antikristo is the most ancient method of cooking meat on an open fire, a way of cooking that came from the shepherds & refers to Homer Iliad with the name “OFTO”.

They slaughtered the animal, cut it into four pieces (squares-quarters), cut two or three rods from a maple or blackberry, skewered them & baked them facing the fire. It should be noted that this is exactly the way of baking, which dates back to the time of the Trojan War, as Homer describes in the Iliad Rhapsody I verse 205.


7.Mylos Garden Restaurant



O Mylos tou Kerata” is one of the oldest restaurants of Crete. It is located in Platanias Chanion at a distance of 11km from the city of Chania, on the main road headed to Kisamos.


In the courtyard there is the Venetian 14th century water mill and next to that, the inn, that offered its hospitality to the tired travelers.

The cuisine is Cretan traditional and Mediterranean. All of the dishes are prepared from carefully selected materials and cooked in virgin olive oil.


8.Patrelantonis Tavern



Located in Akrotiri peninsula at Marathi beach next to a graphical fishing port. The cuisine is Cretan traditional and Mediterranean with an ode to fish in combination with the uniqueness of the place where you can totally unwind and relax by the beach.


9.Chalkina Restaurant


chalkina restaurant


 ” Chalkina” in Chania have combined the magical atmosphere of the old venetian port, the raki with  the delicious Cretan mezes and live Cretan music. Our cuisine is based on traditional Cretan recipes such as gamopilafo and tsigariasto.


10.Almyvita Luxury Resaturant



Located in Almyrida village by the sea . In the new luxury restaurant, the visitor lives the ultimate experience of an impeccable construction environment and gastronomy of high standards.

We invite everyone to travel with us on the magical journey of high-standard gastronomy to discover unique tastes while enjoying the magnificent sea view.





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