5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer

5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


Chania is the ultimate vacation spot for Greek Island travel, Crete was the center of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoans, from 2700 to 1420 BC, known as the biggest island in Greece. The island paradise is easily accessible from all corners of the world from early spring through December, and offers everything a traveler desires; an abundance of sandy beaches, hospitable people, picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine traditions and wild parties.


A plethora of stunning  villas with private pools and incredible sunset views are available to accommodate every visitors’ desires and budget.


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All you have to do is contact  Chania Concierge team and they will assist you to book the best villa to create that perfect holiday you have been dreaming about.


Why book a villa in Chania?


  1. Enjoy the benefits of a private holiday home

The immense size of the luxurious villas makes them ideal for families, friends and large groups to enjoy the benefits of a private holiday home with many bedrooms. Luxury villas on C.L.C range from spacious 3-bedroom residences to opulent 8-bedroom estates. Every villa offers master bedrooms with walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms to accommodate all comfortably, while allowing guests plenty of space to spend the summer all together.

All villas are exceptionally unique and meticulously designed to allow you to indulge in comfort, but with plenty of space for shared enjoyment and relaxation.


5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


  1. Have a relaxing and carefree Chania Experience

The villas are fully air-conditioned with open floor plans featuring plenty of indoor seating, fully-equipped kitchens with all modern appliances and in-house laundry. The villas provide all modern amenities, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and more. Spacious living rooms have direct access to verandas and patios with sun loungers to enjoy the panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the majestic sunsets. Interior and exterior living spaces are of top-quality design offering contemporary furnishings that combine traditional charm and modern comfort. Live it up and enjoy life!


5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


  1. Unwind in your private island paradise

Relax in the tranquility of a private garden or chill in your private infinity pool. Revel in a Jacuzzi or a sauna and escape from it all. Enjoy the cool summer breezes of Crete known as “Meltemia,” under the shade of a brightly-colored bougainvillea. Pamper yourself in the stunning Cretan surroundings far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches, beach bars and crowds.


5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


  1. Indulging in Cretan tranquility is a once in a lifetime experience

Within the lush grounds of breathtaking scenery you can indulge in the tranquil settings that only a villa could provide, giving you the opportunity to recharge before the next hot party. Villa grounds are ideally designed for adults with some properties more family-oriented offering playgrounds and amenities for little ones. Spacious outdoor facilities featuring barbecues and open spaces with large verandas for alfresco dining provide the ideal ambiance for private parties, weddings or other special occasions you may wish to celebrate in Chania.


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  1. A safe COVID-free accommodation

Booking a luxury waterfront villa might be the best Covid-safe accommodation for your vacation, providing a truly safe environment for you and your family. Aside from allowing you to be  socially distanced, villas are maintained at the highest level of cleanliness providing peace of mind for travelers. You can enjoy your favorite vacation activities like swimming, sunbathing, entertaining family and friends, while avoiding crowded places from the comfort and security of your own private accommodations.


5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Chania this Summer


This summer, Chania is your vacation destination.



At C.L.C  you can find villas offering luxury, privacy, exclusivity, and security. All properties are designed and inspired by Greek architecture to let you enjoy your vacation in serenity overlooking the endless and mesmerizing Aegean Sea. The villas featured on C.L.C are located conveniently near Chania City and are all on the beach or within a short distance of a beach.


Without hesitation contact Chania Concierge today to request a luxury villa quote along with suggestions of how to best maximize your stay in Chania.




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