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Chania city premium vacations – by road story

Chania Luxury Concierge: The ultimate choice for premium holidays in the paradise of Crete


chania luxury concierge villas


Ultimate natural beauty, stylish beaches, flavors that are indelibly etched on the palate, a rich history that is lost in the depths of the centuries,

people who make you feel like a brother or rather… a relative!


After all, you cannot describe the fact that Crete and especially Chania are among the most popular destinations in the country and are a top choice for

visitors from all over the world!


There is something about this place, this land, that attracts the visitor like a magnet, especially the one who instead of “tourist” prefers the term



And of course in a destination so developed touristically, one can find options that touch all interests and all passions!


Regarding the high end visitors, they have many options both in terms of accommodation and food as well as in the other activities they can enjoy.

The company “Chania Luxury Concierge” provides exactly all these services. Rentals of luxury villas of international standards, luxury cars and boats,

organization of private events at the highest standards and with absolute security and all kinds of other exclusive services such as a personal chef or

security for dignitaries!

Antonis Kalamaridis, founder of “Chania Luxury Concierge” talks to us about the context of the services that his company provides but also everything that

the visitor can enjoy in this corner of paradise!!




Mr. Kalamaridis, Chania (and Crete in general) as a destination of international appeal, in recent years has made a dynamic opening to the “High End” travel

public. What feedback are you getting so far?


Crete in general is an island that has experienced significant development and tourism development in the last decade, something that is particularly

noticeable in Chania. It is a destination that has always attracted people during the summer holidays, a fact that makes every Cretan to evolve accordingly

and offer something more and something better. So, seeing the oldest and most experienced in the field of tourism, I too walk in their footsteps,

with appetite, knowledge and enriched facilities, wanting to develop the concierge project in the area.



What would you say are the “strong cards” of Chania that arouse, among other things, the interest of specific visitors?


When we talk about Chania, you understand that it is not one or a few strong cards, but many more and they even vary. There are visitors from abroad who,

coming to Chania, are looking for something that does not exist in their country…. Sun, sea, carefree. A triptych that is the “key” to magical holidays.

In addition, the waters of Chania are rare, special, crystal clear and offer images taken from a dream.


chania luxury concierge


How did you get involved in this industry?


My involvement in the tourism industry developed in my mind some years ago. This year I managed to implement this thought of mine, as I believe that all

of us when we go on vacation are looking for the best possible! And of course, that there should be no small or bigger difficulties that may trouble us,

such as how to orient ourselves according to our plan, how to rent a car and various things like that… The philosophy is to become one with the destination

and to be able to take everything has to offer you. The experiences you will experience will create memories that you will remember forever!

“Chania Luxury Concierge” provides everything necessary to make Chania feel “your home”!



What services do you provide as “Chania Luxury Concierge”?


We start with accommodation, the first and foremost thing for someone to start their vacation. We have a wide range of carefully selected villas with the

best and strictest criteria in terms of amenities. We have at our disposal luxury cars, drivers for transport, yachts, private chefs in the guest area,

locations to recommend for all kinds of options, people for protection / security while we also undertake the organization of parties, receptions,

decorations etc.


chania luxury concierge villas rental


What is your philosophy as a vip services company?


The most important part of our services is the communication we have with the client. The immediate response whenever you need us, the friendly service

and the saving of his precious time. Our team of selected partners has been set up to support all our services and can carry out any Project. We are there

when they need us to offer our services.




Browsing your platform one will see that there is an abundance of choices in luxury villas! In which areas of Chania are most of them located and what are

the main features and benefits / services they provide?


Most lux villas are located in the Akrotiri area. The main features are that they have all the comforts, swimming pool, BBQ area, some have a gym, sauna,

hammam, jacuzzi, bar, privacy but also security with continuous surveillance by closed circuit cameras. The most important thing is that they all have

a panoramic view of the vast blue landscape of Chania or the Old Town!


chania luxury concierge and villas rental


In addition to a luxurious and usually private accommodation, high-end tourists also seek a similar lifestyle during their holidays.

What are their most common requests and to what extent are they satisfied in Chania?


Chania has shown a great rise in the part of life style, especially in the last year. From beach bars to restaurants in the old port. Of course,

there is no lack of night bars in the city that can please and entertain high end customers. Even the organization of private situations such as a

party in his villa or on a yacht of their choice with a DJ, cocktail bartender and anything else he wishes!



From which countries do the visitors who request your vip services mainly come?


Holidaymakers in the Chania region come from all continents. From America, Asia, Europe as we offer everyone the best we can so that they are satisfied.


chania luxury concierge and villas rental


Would you say the Greeks are familiar with this way of vacationing? At least those who can financially support such a thing…


Certainly our benefits program is not only aimed at people from abroad but also at Greeks. After all, they are famous for their worship of good times and

holidays. Whether a Greek or a person from abroad who can financially support what we offer, it is our pleasure to serve them.




What would you like the visitor to “take away” from Chania after experiencing a luxury vacation package that you offer?


What we care about most is that the visitor leaves with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment! Create beautiful memories and make this vacation

 unforgettable! To reminisce about the moments he spent with us in Chania and to recommend our place to his relatives!




Chania Luxury Concierge

Website: https://chaniaconcierge.gr/

Facebook Page: Chania luxury concierge

Instagram Profile: chania_luxury_concierge

Τel : +30 6946 747457

E-mail: info@chaniaconcierge.gr

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